Partnering our Bio-Courier technology to transform RNA medicines

To maximise the utility of our technology we are keen to partner with others in areas outside of our core focus, and to seek partners to accelerate clinical development and commercialization of our in-house developed therapies.

We believe our Bio-Courier technology could make a huge difference to many RNA-based vaccines and therapies.  SiSaf is open to all collaborations with partners that want to deliver nucleic acid sequences in any disease area.  The flexibility of our Bio-Courier technology makes us partner of choice for biopharmaceutical companies looking to access the benefits of RNA therapeutics.

SiSaf offers flexible deal terms tailored to the needs of our partners.

Partnering Opportunities

License Bio-Courier Technology

  • Improve the stability, safety, and transfection efficiency of mRNA and siRNA with our silicon stabilized LNPs

License or co-develop our pipeline

  • We are open to partnering on our in-house programs for rare genetic skeletal disorders

If you are interested in partnering with SiSaf please contact us