Next-gen silicon nanotechnology drug delivery company SiSaf raises $3.5 million in Series A Funding

Next-gen Nanotech Drug Delivery Platform will use the funds to expand sales in new markets and increase product research and development.

Belfast, Northern Ireland — SiSaf, the next-gen silicon nanotechnology drug delivery company, announced today a Series A investment of $3.5 million led by prominent Asian and American venture capital investors Vickers Venture Partners and EXEN Capital. The financing will be used to fund sales expansion in new markets and increase product research and development. Dr Elkhalil Binebine, Vice Chairman at Vickers, and Eric Attias, Managing Partner at EXEN Capital, will join SiSaf’s board of directors. Invest Northern Ireland, an investor in earlier rounds, also followed on in this round.

“Sisaf’s technology changes the game in drug formulation, by enabling the packaging and delivery of drugs that cannot otherwise be formulated,” said Dr ElKhalil Binebine. “We see a new wave of innovative medicines emerging from recent breakthroughs in the life sciences. However, getting these medicines to the right place in the body and at the right dose remains hugely challenging. The groundbreaking nanoparticle drug delivery technology that Suzanne and the team have developed enables safe and effective targeting of these new drugs, as well as making old drugs even more useful by allowing for controlled release and lower doses. We’re excited to be working together with them to build a world-leading drug delivery company.”

Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Founder and Chairwoman of SiSaf, commented: “We’re delighted to have Vickers Venture Partners and Exen Capital as strategic investors,”SiSaf is at a very exciting point in its history. After years of R&D, our technology is ready for full commercialization. Our drug delivery platform has matured into a genuine game changer and its potential applications are massive. Vickers and Exen have a great track record of building companies and their global network and expertise in the life science sector will be key to accelerating SiSaf’s growth.”