“Great scientific strides can be made by solving small but fundamental problems.”

Suzanne Saffie-Siebert

Who We Are

We aim to be leaders in RNA therapeutics for rare and, so far, incurable Genetic Skeletal Disorders.

In close collaboration with renowned academic experts, we generate in vivo validated sequences which are then formulated with our BIO-COURIER technology to promptly translate them into safe, and effective treatments available to patients worldwide. We’ve also developed an allied RNA thermostability technology, COLHYSILICTM, to permit the long-term ambient storage of RNA therapeutics and escape the access limitations of ultracold chain storage.

SiSaf is a UK-based private company, with fully integrated research labs, bio-analytical facilities, and a scaled technology to fast-track development. We have a FTSE 100 strategic partner and a robust and growing patent estate.



The SiSaf Advantage

1st in-class RNA therapeutics for rare and, so far, incurable genetic skeletal disorders.

Our proprietary BIO-COURIER technologies include a next-generation, non-viral, silicon stabilized hybrid Lipid Nanoparticles (sshLNPTM) to improve the stability, storage, delivery, and immunogenicity of RNA therapeutics.

Expert team with a track record of advancement. State-of-the-art: laboratories, bio-analytics, and a scaled technology enable rapid development.

Validated through data, multiple innovation grants, industry-leading partners, and sought out by clinical leaders.

Hybrid business model of in-licensing sequences for development into high-value medications balanced by out-licensing our BIO-COURIER technology to industry-leading partners.