Creating multiple block-buster product opportunities

Core Pharmaceutical Pipeline

A rich portfolio of transformative Gene Therapy and New Therapeutic Entity candidates reduce development risk and time while creating multiple potential block-buster opportunities.


Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy represents a paradigm shift in medicine as almost all human diseases occur due to a defect in a gene sequence. The majority of current development programs use viral vectors to deliver therapeutic genes to target which are very expensive to manufacture, inefficient to use and have inherent immunogenicity issues.
Bio-Courier technology has the potential to give patients more convenient and cost-effective access to Gene Therapeutics due to its established efficacy, safety and scalability.
The broad potential of our technology in precision medicine has been validated through our partnership with a leader in ophthalmic gene therapy to develop non-invasive treatments for Corneal Dystrophy.

Prescription New Therapeutic Entities

Drug discovery is very costly, time consuming and risky. Following over 10 years of development only one in ten new drugs make it to market at an estimated cost of over $2.5 billion.

SiSaf peruses a faster, lower risk approach to drug development using the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway and the EU’s hybrid medicinal product pathway.

Re-innovation of approved Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) with Bio-Courier technology creates a robust portfolio of prescription New Therapeutic Entities which offer significant patient benefits and new indications while mitigating development time, risk and cost.

Non-Core Personal Care Pipeline

We develop and manufacture advanced skinhealth formulations for the Good Science Beauty® brand owned by our U.S. subsidiary, GSB Laboratories.
We also advance the efficacy, safety and sustainability of Personal care ingredients for Croda Plc our FTSE-100 strategic partner and a global leader in sustainable speciality chemicals.